Glimpses of my mid-May World

Here in far northern Indiana the first flush of spring with its clouds of crab apple blossoms, daffodils, tulips, and spring ephemerals is giving way to late spring with its own joys.

I spent Sunday searching for solitude and a peaceful place to commune with Mama Gaia. During my quest, I saw my first hummingbirds (ruby-throats) of the season, spotted lots of jack-in-the-pulpits blooming along with a few lingering trillium and fading May Apple blossoms. I added a couple of new birds, common yellow-throat and yellow warbler, to my life list while listening to the avian symphony which included lots of male red-winged blackbirds singing a claim to territory.

I finally found my peace and quiet at a small nature preserve not far from home. It was my first time to visit that location and I look forward to watching the seasons unfold in that small protected space.

Eating local and gardening are two of my passions and things are still pretty quiet in those areas. Locally available produce includes rhubarb, asparagus, and morels (when you are lucky); strawberries will be appearing shortly as they are forecast to be a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. About 1/2 of the farmer’s markets in the area are open and the most of the rest will open in the next two weeks. It is wonderful to have my visits to them back as part of my weekend ritual.

In my garden, my clematis are blooming and hardy herbs are growing at an amazing rate. I finally managed to get broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, onions, and some lettuce planted. I have several heirloom tomato and pepper plants that have been moved to larger pots until I can plant them in the ground.


About Shirley

Edge-walker, ethicurean, idealist, introvert, ivory tower escapee, geek, granola gal, nature nut, pronoiac, scanner/renaissance soul, spiritual nomad, teacher, wayfinder, and world citizen who is weaving her passions for knowledge (learning & teaching), technological tools, the natural world, empowering people & communities, and everyday miracles & beauty into a curious life.
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